Vision of the Arts

Photography by:
Gail Nogle

The Vision should "Balance the Scale"
"The arts must be available to all ethnic, cultural,
social, and financial backgrounds."
"... to accept all in our audiences
... to help all to enjoy and develop through the arts."

The Vision should "Raise the Standard"
"Art must go beyond of own needs of Entertainment,
Pleasure and Relaxation, Personal and Financial Gratification."
... to bring art back to the glory of its Creator."

The Vision should "Radiate"
"The arts should reach out and yet also draw in from all directions."
The Vision of a place in each community of
Artistic warmth and strength,
a place for the community to draw together to dine, to dance,
to listen, to observe, to visit, to think and to meditate...
and to heal from the stresses of the day.
Totally unselfish for all...
Totally available to all...

Copyright 2000, Norma Shields
the balletfoundation for the XXI Century
Vision of the Arts for the XXI Century
"a vision for the world..."